At this time, for designs only, you will be looking at a 6-8 week wait time for completion of a design.

Due to overwhelming response, we are booked for the Spring 2023 season for landscape installs. We will start looking at installs for fall 2023 in August. It is best to contact us and get your name on a list to have your job looked at should an opening arise or for next year. We do our best to accommodate, but we are weather dependent on getting work done.
Thank you!



When the word "landscaping" is heard, people typically think of high investments for a few shrubs around their house. Actually, landscaping can be a solid investment that increases a home's market value. A finished landscape adds beauty to a home by enhancing attractive features of the property while disguising problem areas. When designed and installed well, landscaping can increase a home's value by five to ten percent. At the same time, a poorly landscaped home can decrease its value by the same amount.

It is expensive to have landscaping professionally designed and installed, but can be affordable when done as a "do-it-yourself" project with professional advice and planning. Turnbull Nursery Garden Center offers computer landscape designs for you to follow. By doing the installation yourself, you will not only save money, but will have the satisfaction of creating a work of beauty for all to see!

Home owners interested in doing-it-themselves and wanting to add value to their home through landscaping may contact Turnbull Nursery Garden Center at (716) 337-2248. It is easy to get started. All we need are pictures of your home or area to be landscaped with all the dimensions. We have a Landscape Design Checklist for you to fill out to make sure we have everything we need to get started and to find out what your preferences are. Once we have all the information, it takes about 1 week to have a completed design for you.

Landscape Design fees are charged as follows before the design is drawn...
$25.00 for areas under 500 square foot
$50.00 for areas of 501 sf to 1000 sf
$75.00 for areas of 1000+ sf
$100.00 for a Turnbull's Associate to come on site and take measurements with in 20 miles
If you purchase the plants from your landscape design to install yourself or if you have Turnbull's do the installation, we will apply the amount you paid for the design towards the purchase of the plants.

Turnbull Nursery Garden Center installs a limited number of landscape designs each year. Please ask if slots are still available. If we are unable to do the installation, we can recommend some local names.

If you follow a do-it-yourself landscape from Turnbull Nursery Garden Center and would like to see the fruits of your labor on our website, just take some before and after pictures. We will gladly display them to show everyone how great your landscaping turned out!
The Wasmunds before...
and their amazing after!

Is your landscape job too big for you
to handle or do you just not have enough time
to plant the tree that you always wanted?

Ask about our Installation Service.
We can plant just one tree or we can do an
entire tear out, design and install of new landscape.
Fully insured, call (716) 337-2248 for details.